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Recipient Reminder

Aircraft refuellers recipient reminder
Aircraft refueller receive
Actions on receipt of the vehicle:
1. Take the technique for packing list
2. Check out operability of the chassis or the tractor (an engine, electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics, a sound and light alarm, the presence of combustive-lubricating materials).
3. Check out the presence of seals on the superstructure and to write down their numbers in the acceptance report.
ATTANTION: In case if there are any defects or mismatches the recipient has s right to refuse of signing the acceptance report and take the vehicle until their complete elimination (except a customer-supplied chassis).
The recipient should immediately notify the foreman of presales and the head of finished vehicles warehouse about detected mismatches.
Make the acceptance report on the base of the power of attorney for obtaining commodity wealth. The recipient liables for fulfilling from 1 to 3 items of this reminder.
Check availability of the following supporting documentation:
- Packing list and invoice;
- the vehicle registration document, a copy of the certificate of conformity, a copy of the authorization for use, a copy of the vehicle type approval with attachments;
- A chassis passport, a chassis or tractor manual;
-  A service book for chassis (tractor, axles). In a service book should be a mark about conducting chassis presales (except axels and trailers) and also a mark about maintenance – 1000 (in case of mileage).
- A passport, manuals for a liquid diesel heater, for a global navigation satellite system, for speed limitation device, for a tachograph.
- A form for aircraft refueller
- A manual for aircraft refueller
- A service book for the superstructure
- Operational documentation for all installed equipment (passports for a pump, a meter, filler caps, an earth drum, a manometer and so on).
ATTANTION: The recipient is material responsible for safety of all mentioned documentation.
All received documents MUST be submitted:
А) By a driver-deliverer  to the consignee
Б) By a driver-receiver to senior management