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Production: specifications, equipment, price
What products do you produce?
We produce aircraft refuellers, tank trailers for aircraft refuellers, semi-tanks for anti-icing fluid. More over the plant produces all types of vehicles for transportation of light and dark oil products. Additional information of fuel trucks you can find on site:
What axels, chassis and tractors are used?
Tractors: MAZ, KAMAZ. 
Axels: BPW, SAF
By customer’s request vehicles can be designed and produced on Russian and foreign made chassis and tractors. 
What capacities do your tanks have?
The range of tanks’ capacities is from 10 m³ to 60 m³.
What materials are used in manufacturing of tanks for aircraft refuellers?
Tanks for aircraft refuellers are manufactured from import aluminum-magnesium alloy and stainless steel. 
What is the thickness of tank’s walls of GRAZ aircraft refuellers?
Tanks made from aluminum-magnesium alloy have walls’ thickness 6 mm, from stainless steel – 4 mm.
What is included in a standard configuration?
The standard configuration of GRAZ aircraft refueller includes:
— A tank from aluminum-magnesium alloy or stainless steel mounted on a chassis or coupled to a tractor.
— A pump and filter unit consisting of a pump, a filter-water separator, meter with mechanical counting head and a flow meter, refueling hoses on drums, a refueling nozzle, a bottom filling nozzle, communications and pipelines
— Remote control system
— System of control for operator’s condition (“Dead man”)
— System of blocking rooter’s movement (Interlock)
System of earthing — System of firefighting
— A calculating and metering system
— The Inline valve
— A level gauge, a tank filling limiter system
— An administration panel
— A vehicle can be painted any colors as a client need including a company logo.
How many compartments can be in a tank?
All tanks of aircraft refuellers have 1 compartment except aircraft refueller with capacity 12,5 m³, where can be 3 compartments and ircraft refueller with capacity 26 m³, where can be 2 compartments
Where can one see prices for GRAZ aircraft refuellers?
All prices you can request by sending a letter to e–mail In a letter you should describe all peculiarities of a vehicle you need.
Certification, warranty
Are there any approvals, certificates for vehicles?
All GRAZ aircraft vehicles are in full compliance with Russian GOST standards R 52 906-2008, TU, with guides and directions of Russian Federal air transport Service (FS AT RF) over on an operation technology of aircraft providing with fuel while filling up technique and according to requirements of International standards of filling up air machinery.
The quality management system of GRAZ is certificated as complying with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 by the certifying authority “Russian register”.
What should one do if there is any machine malfunction at guarantee period?
At first, you should try to find out what exactly unit does not work. Then at any case you should write a letter to our specialists from a service and warranty department. In letter you should describe your problem, the unit which does not work and attach some photos of it. We also need information about VIN number of a vehicle, a vehicle’s model, chassis’ model, an engine number (if there is one) and contacts of a person who is responsible for this vehicle.
The e-mail of a service and warranty department:
What are the guarantee terms for GRAZ aircraft refuellers?
The producer guarantees proper operation of an aircraft refueller in terms of a superstructure in 36 months, in terms of a pump and filter unit in 12 months (provided that operating time is not more than 30 000km or 500 hours while aircraft refuellers’ operating in airports of I, II, III classes and without any class, in international airports of civil aviation and going on thoroughfare), in terms of a paint coating of a tank and a pump and filter unit in24 months. The guarantee period begins from the moment of a shipment from a plant’s warehouse to a client, under conditions of fulfillment of commissioning works and the first start of aircraft refueller operation by a representative from GRAZ Plant.
More information you can find in your supply contract. 
How to purchase GRAZ equipment
How can one order a vehicle?
You can request a needed vehicle by sending a letter to e–mail:
In a letter you should describe all peculiarities of a vehicle you need. After that you will be sent a commercial proposal where all your requests are considered. At the coordination of the commercial proposal a contract is concluded.
Getting the car, delivery, insurance
What documents do you need while getting a vehicle at the plant?
You should have the contract, the warrant for receipt and the warrant for driving when a vehicle is shipped.
How and where are vehicles shipped?
Vehicles are shipped from GRAZ plant stock by the address: 58, Kirpichnaya st., settlement Grabovo, Bessonovsky district, Penza region, Russia.
Can you deliver vehicles to a client?
Yes, we deliver vehicles to a client or to a place of its operation. You should inform us the delivery address, after that we tell the price and the time of delivering.
Is it possible to insure vehicles at the place of delivering?
It is possible. You can do it at your place, for that you need a copy of a vehicle registration document. In this case you should send us in advance a copy of the warrant for receipt after that we issue a vehicle registration document. As a variant you can insure vehicles directly at the plant. There is an insurer.
About GRAZ
What does GRAZ mean?
It means Grabovo Automobile Plant.
Is KOMMASH-GRAZ Trade Company LLC a representative or a dealership of GRAZ plant?
KOMMASH-GRAZ Trade Company LLC is a sales structure of Grabovo Automobile Plant JSC. All selling is done only by KOMMASH-GRAZ Trade Company.